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Would you like you, if you meet you!

11 Mar

It just shocks me to think that for each passing stranger – I’m a passing stranger.

So I met myself on a train, I travel a lot by train. I looked at him and first thing I notice is that he looks familiar. Our eyes meet and we smiled at each other. I went to him and said “At long last we finally meet”. “I know an asshole when I see one”, said him. “This isn’t me”, I thought “or is it”.

He left by saying that it wasn’t me, it was him and If only he met me as a woman, she’d totally hit that. He meant it’d be awesome. We’d like the same shit. We’d know what we like in bed. We’d both have a weird sense of humor. We’d both be cat lovers. We’d like the same TV shows and just sit around in our PJs watching the same something. Although the apartment would be really messy.

Next day in the train, I again saw him. I thought that because I know myself, he knew far too much about me. I had to kill him. I chased him across the streets and into a dark alley. He looked back at me and saw a knife in my hand. We stood in utter silence. He passed by me and I couldn’t move. He whispered:

You’re intimidating as all hell
But I ain’t scared of you
I know how you work
I am just like you

Last time I saw myself was in the dark alley. I always thought that if I meet myself I would completely and totally fall in love with myself. It would be natural and I’d find a friend in myself. But, it is not enough to love ourselves, and not care about anything else; we are not islands, and our actions do affect others. So, I tinkered with the space-time continuum and it changed everything. It changed me.

Time travel to the past is paradoxical in general; I really don’t think there’s anything exceptionally paradoxical about meeting a past version of yourself. Though meeting the same (different) you from a parallel universe would be different (same).

I met me once. We don’t talk anymore!