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The Question is not IF, but WHEN!

27 Jun

Down here life continues, the traffic is awful, the stocks goes on trading, sun is rising and setting, human are becoming more and more conscious. But up there in the vast darkness of the universe, asteroids are lurking following a definitive path beautifully defined by the Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Some stray too close to earth and some are too far away to be ever discovered. A few call them waste of deep space but if you happen to be on one of them there will be no doubt that it’s not home. Asteroids preserve organic materials since who knows when, may be even the beginning of solar system.

Say an asteroid crashed into earth billions of years ago, may be it delivered the organic material and water; the raw ingredients of life. It may have also sowed the seeds of life that evolved into us.

Say it crashed into the earth now. Think of the dinosaurs being wiped out by an asteroid strike. It’s only a question of time. Eventually we will go the way of the Dinosaurs.

So before they find us, let’s find them on Asteroid Day (30th June) @ https://asteroidday.org/live/

If life on earth wipes out leaving behind only a few us, we will be homeless, adrift, and purged on a hostile earth. We will have to leave everything behind to create a new world on still what will be known as earth.

Will it be the same? Will we be the same?