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My Relationship with Technology

15 Jul

As the years roll on, my relationship with technology is becoming more and more intimate. And just like any other relationship sometimes I get delighted, insecure, possessive, and angry with technology. I take technology for granted and set high-higher expectations from it.  But unlike any other personal relationship, I just cannot leave technology. May be it is what they call as true love.

I know that I’d be better off staring at the night sky, walking on the beach, or simply watching the clouds. And yet I am staring at the screen while my fingers type these words and the time passes by without me noticing. But as I said that my relationship with technology is just like any other relationship in my life. Although I know a lot about technology, but there are still many things that I don’t or maybe it’s best that I don’t get to know. I have built an unconditional trust with technology and any alteration in it would leave me to wonder was it the one? Still, my greatest concern is the word “Artificial Intelligence”, which says that technology will develop an artificial consciousness and will change the future of human kind and not the other way around.  It sounds crazy to me as in any relationship I see a stronger personality, who controls and steers the relationship. Then I wonder how is this different?

Maybe I know what it is.  May be technology doesn’t love me as much as I love technology!

And I think it’s not technology which is at fault. It is how I have defined it to be. There’s something strange and fascinating about technology tricking me to believe that. I have built a Technosphere around me, which to some degree keeps my dependency on technology. I have forgotten how life is on the other side of Technosphere and I will never get to know now.