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28 May
Do you get things done?
Let me ask a slightly different question, “Do you get things done on time?”
These days it seems that not many people do. The norm is to be late whether it is finishing a task within deadline or showing up to a meeting. And yes, some people do take pride in that!
Do you know where the word deadline comes from?  From earliest uses, it refers to:
A line that was drawn around a prison.  If prisoners crossed this line they could be shot dead on sight.
Hence, the word…deadline.
Would people get things done on time… if they were going to be shot???
How often do you see people asking for an extension or simply not completing the work on time?
Oh well, who cares? Very nonchalant. It has become acceptable in modern culture. Workers get away with it, because it is the norm… everyone does it. Our society has conditioned us to ignore deadlines. And there are booming industries build around not meeting deadlines (for instance belated birthday cards). Almost everything now has an early registration and a late registration. Even with penalties and additional charges, many people still choose the late registration. Now, why would anyone choose the late registration that costs more?   Well, that is exactly what you do when you are not organised enough to get things done on time (also known as Life Friction).
What is Life Friction?
Life friction is the rubbing that occurs in daily life due to poor planning, preparation, and action. Life friction is the cascading effect that happens to you due to your disorganisation. Life friction adds stress.
However, people have started believing in the paradox that being organised brings additional stress to your life.
Some other innate reasons why people do not adhere to the deadlines are:
  • Self-conceit
  • Procrastination
  • Absentmindedness
  • No repercussions for missing a deadline
  • Not giving a damn
And if you need some motivation to keep to your deadlines, just think…”Whoa…what was that part about being shot???”

Link: https://timemanagementninja.com/2010/02/5-ways-to-win-with-deadlines/