I cannot spell anymore!

28 May
I remember my teachers reciting us words and their spellings during primary school. Till about four years back I had a good hold of spellings. Then came reports that had to be typed on a laptop. The contemporary world gives us many provisions. A few improve our existence (maybe) and some depreciate it. The spell-checker is one such fad.

The spell-checker is a grand application, it keeps me from committing horrendous and careless inaccuracies, however it has made my spelling so much frail. I was scripting a matter telling someone that something was for their convenience. And I couldn’t spell convenience!It’s not that convenience is an overly straightforward word. My guess, if you asked 10 people how to spell it, or other words like conscientious, a momentous number would either err or wouldn’t even attempt. That’s not the point. The point is that I should have known how to spell it but the spell checker has just made my spelling scrawny.

What did I do? I saw the squiggly red underline below what was the obviously misspelled word and right-clicked to get a list of suggestions on the proper spelling. Sure enough, there in the list was the proper spelling.

Whenever you don’t use something, you slowly lose it. The little finger on the toes for instance. The appendix. The tail.

I use my knowledge of spelling less and less, I just let the computer do it.

Conceivably sometimes too convenient is simply too convenient.

..now this is a really wierd statement..or is it weird?


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